About This Blog

The idea of writing a blog came to me this year in 2020 where like the rest of the world, I begin to spend lot more time in my home. As I was busy cleaning and organizing my cupboards around my house, I surprised myself at the number of pieces of tableware I collected over the years. More than half of those pieces I barely used, not used at all and have forgotten about and they were sitting in my cupboard collecting dust. I cook all the time but I realized I’m just using the same tableware over and over again.

I decided since I’m cooking more than ever this year, I’m going to make an effort to use all of my tableware pieces in my cupboard, and appreciate them by giving them a light of day.

I’m a food enthusiast and I love eating different cuisines, cooking and experimenting with different dishes and eating out at great restaurants. I spent my childhood in Japan where I was taught eating good food is important but also what completes your food creations are the tableware pieces that compliments your dishes and your table.

Through this blog I hope to share my love of tableware and food with fellow enthusiasts.

Cupboard Curator