Holiday Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies with specks of rosemary leaves filled with cranberry jam and orange marmalade make delicious, perfect holiday cookies. Cookies with Cranberry, Marmalade and Rosemary I wanted to bake some hassle-free, pretty holiday treats and decided on thumbprint cookies with cranberry sauce and orange marmalade. My homemade cranberry sauce that […]


Cookies with Sage and Candied Oranges

These soft cookies with sage and candied oranges are perfect snack for spring and summer day. I have been wanting to bake cookies with citrus and herb combo and found a refreshing match with fresh sage and candied oranges. Sage and Candied Oranges If you are not familiar with sage […]


Orange and Currant Loaf Cake

Enjoy this holiday season with fluffy, moist Orange and Currant Loaf Cake! Oranges are in season and this loaf cake pairs the zesty brightness of oranges with the rich, sweet notes of currants. Candied Oranges and Dried Currants I love making candied oranges during this time of year! Candied oranges […]


Puff Pastry Pear Slab Pie

Apple pears are in season, so I decided to bake a puff pastry pear slab pie. I know this is my third post in a row with a puff pastry recipe, but you can’t go wrong with pies and tarts made with puff pastry.! What Are Apple Pears? Apple pears […]


Peach and Blackberry Tarts

Summer’s coming to an end and a delicious way to celebrate the end of season is with fruit tarts with juicy peaches and blackberries. These individual tarts are not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to make! Peaches, Blackberries and Antique Tableware I’ve been enjoying yellow peaches and blackberries […]