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Bucatini Pasta with Kale and Mushrooms


 Hearty bucatini pasta combined with kale and mushrooms in a creamy sauce makes a satisfying and delicious meal especially on chilly, winter days! What is Bucatini Pasta? Recently, I had creamy Bucatini dishes at local eateries and I absolutely fell in love! So of course I had to make my […]

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie


 Chicken pot pie made with creamy filling with tender chicken and veggies topped with flaky, buttery puff pastry is an ultimate dish on a cold and rainy winter day. Why You’ll Love this Pie! This pot pie filling is nice and creamy without being too rich and heavy. It’s packed […]

Holiday Thumbprint Cookies


 Thumbprint cookies with specks of rosemary leaves filled with cranberry jam and orange marmalade make delicious, perfect holiday cookies. Cookies with Cranberry, Marmalade and Rosemary I wanted to bake some hassle-free, pretty holiday treats and decided on thumbprint cookies with cranberry sauce and orange marmalade. My homemade cranberry sauce that […]

Hatch Chile Pork Stew


 This spicy stew full of roasted hatch chiles and braised pork is perfect for anyone who is a hatch chile lover. Favorite Late Summer Chiles I always stock up on my favorite chiles every season, but it was pretty hard to find hatch chiles this year due to a heatwave […]

Gravlax Sushi Parfait


 This sushi parfait is a delicious and fun alternative to sushi rolls. It’s loaded with crunchy cucumbers, avocado cream, sushi rice, cherry tomatoes and best of all slices of home made gravlax! Why Do I Love Sushi Parfait? It’s easier to make than traditional sushi rolls! This sushi is a […]