Delicious Takeout Pies

You can probably tell I’m quite partial to savory pies from my previous posts. Like the time I made sweet and savory apple tarts, pork wellington & empanadas. It’s always fun to bake pies at home, but I love buying delicious, hot savory pies from an excellent pie shop. So […]


Fantastic Seafood Lunch

I eat seafood probably at least three or four times a week, maybe more. Honestly, I can eat good seafood almost everyday. So for my family’s takeout day, I had to have lunch from Santa Monica Seafood. Tableware Since this is a seafood feast, of course I had to gather […]


Prime Rib Dinner from Five Crowns

I love nice juicy piece of prime rib once in a while and when I want some perfect prime rib, I always go to Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar. Five Crowns is one of the restaurants in Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant group and whenever I don’t feel like making […]


Tapas at Home

One of my favorite cuisines is Spanish food and lucky for me there is a great Spanish tapas restaurant in southern California called Viva Madrid. I can’t say enough about this small precious restaurant with their amazing tapas, paellas, sangria and craft cocktails. Of course the food and drinks are […]