Orange Peel Chicken with Broccoli

Orange chicken is a popular dish to order in restaurants but I love making this dish at home. My version of orange chicken has plenty of fresh orange peels and juice, with pan fried chicken. Broccoli is not usually part of orange chicken but I added broccoli florets for extra […]


Chinese Tea Set & Pork Shumai

I make pork shumai throughout the year, but when the weather gets cold, plate of steaming pork shumai taste especially good and comforting. I can have juicy plump pork shumai with veggies every week on cold winter days. Tableware When I was thinking of pork shumai, I thought of this […]


Sweet & Sour Meatballs and Simple Fried Rice

Something about Chinese food and its aroma always makes me hungry all of the sudden. While I enjoy dining at my favorite Chinese restaurants, it’s also fun to cook Chinese food at home. After breathing in delicious aroma from a restaurant I walked by, I decided to make one of […]


Asian Chili Shrimp with Ginger, Garlic & Leeks

For someone like me who loves shrimp and spicy food, pan fried shrimp in chili sauce full of ginger, garlic and leeks is irresistible. Making chili sauce from scratch may seem complicated, but this is an easy dish to prepare and it doesn’t require list of complex ingredients. I paired […]


Fresh Spring Rolls and Chilled Tomato Salad

I almost always have to have fresh herbs when I cook and that’s probably why I enjoy making and eating fresh spring rolls. Plenty of fresh herbs and other fillings all wrapped up in Vietnamese rice paper and dipped in sauce is so delicious. Add chilled tomato salad with home […]