Spicy Chicken Curry

As a lover of spices and herbs, curry is a dish I can never get tired of. I also grew up Japan, where curry is extremely popular and is considered to be a national dish so cooking and eating curry is near and dear to my heart. This spicy curry […]


Orange Peel Chicken with Broccoli

Orange chicken is a popular dish to order in restaurants but I love making this dish at home. My version of orange chicken has plenty of fresh orange peels and juice, with pan fried chicken. Broccoli is not usually part of orange chicken but I added broccoli florets for extra […]


Tender, Easy Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parm is one of those things that I usually don’t order in Italian-American restaurants because it’s simply hard get a good one. I had too many where the chicken was pounded to death paper thin, overcoated with crumbs and covered in way too much pasty sauce to overcompensate for […]