In My Cupboard

Fortnum & Mason Advent Calendar

This beautiful tea-themed advent calendar is from Fortnum & Mason and not only does this make a great holiday d├ęcor, but you get a wonderful collection of Fortnum & Mason teas to cherish and enjoy this holiday season! Advent Calendar for Tea Lovers! There are so many beautiful advent calendars […]


Spring Afternoon with Ahmad Tea

Beyond the Leaf collection from Ahmad Tea is a perfect tea to enjoy on a spring afternoon. For two days in a row I finally got some beautiful spring weather this week and I’m determined to bask in flowers, sunshine and fragrant cups of tea. Garden Afternoon Tea I discovered […]


Teatime with Burleigh

As you can tell, I love Burleigh Pottery and can’t seem to get enough of their beautiful, timeless pieces. I have featured Burleigh pieces in my collection many times on this blog and will continue to do so, especially if I snag new pieces! I was able to enjoy lovely […]


Charming Molded Walnut Cookies

Every year in the fall, I make molded walnut cookies that look just like real walnuts and nutmeat. These cookies are not only super adorable, but delicious as well and every time I make them, I get endless ohhhs and ahhhs from family and friends! Walnut Cookie Mold I saw […]


Jasmine Tea Time with Fortnum & Mason

I’ve always really loved the ritual of making and drinking tea. I have quite a few favorites (because I can’t possibly choose one brand) when it comes to tea purveyors, but one of them is Fortnum & Mason from UK. They sell wonderful selections of high quality specialty teas and […]